A Small Business's Expenses & Sustainability

   Back in 2018, I made the incredible life decision to purchase my shop. Since then I've been taking care of small maintenance problems that I was aware of around the time of my purchase. At the begin of 2019 I drove back and forth between Philly and my shop. Which meant keeping an eye on heat costs and a few roof leaks from afar. Now that I'm closer to my shop and I had a chance to take care of some of the things. The first thing I did was look at the electrical system. To be more energy efficient I put the money down to upgrade to LED's. Removing all ballasts helped, still I have a ton of plans to improve my efficient. For starters getting off the grid which a neighbor currently is doing. Since electricity is my biggest expense at the moment its the first thing to be upgrade. Managing a web host company really only costs two things, electricity and internet. Luckily electricity isn't much but its where I can save the most.

Leaky roof
The shop doesn't look like much but for now my costs are less anything for me to worry about within a year and my income is kinda random but still profitable. As long as I'm within my margin for the year of 2019 I will have more then enough for the years to get ahead without any problems. Still figuring out that leak though...

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