Hybrid Connection for On Premise connections

This week I got to setup a on premise connection with one of our database, which to my surprise worked out great. The project was creating a Azure function connect to one azure database and on remote machine located in the office. The issues I faced included access to the machine itself to questions about the firewall or service. Originally mixed up the machine which send me down the path for most of the links. However the final solution was to just restart the service after it was all send and done. I probably would had ran into firewall issues or maybe just proxy network issues like I found for a few articles if it had not already be setup for me by the IT team. Still work noting incase, the other major issue was just testing/prototyping. So for that I create a store proc on both databases to test a connection was made, another way to prove it was via an email get results from both databases. Still dont quite get the Testing console in Azure so for triggering it I just set a timer every 5 mins and disabled when I was done.


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