My Career at Coriell Institute and Personal Achievements

     The time has come where I need a change in my career and sadly that requires me to leave my current position at Coriell Institute. So just like what I did way back in 2013 with Northern Safety, I thought I would wrap things up in an article and look back on my achievements. 

Achievements (Order of Completion)
The ones with asterisks are ones I built in groups. 
  1. Atlas Project - Storage Module - Provided an interface to store unique data sets in multi-forms.
  2. Coriell Bio-Repository Catalog
  3. Atlas Project - Manager Module - Provided managers to control other user to access data.
  4. Blits Project - Modules 
    1.  Issues & Repairs* - Reported equipment  that were broken or had problems.
    2. Inspections* - Collected equipment w/ schedules for inspections.
    3.  Maintenance - Collected equipment  for regular maintenance and setup schedules.
    4.  Dashboard* - Graphical dashboard on data provided from other modules.
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My Goals and Plans
    While attending Coriell, I had a lot of plans to bring the Front-end at Coriell on the cutting edge or near to it! I wanted to have help co-workers by reducing thier time spend on frontend development and instead spend their time creating a stronger backend. 

Personal Achievements
      Incorporating bootstrap in the core team's development was a big win but it didn't matter whether it was bootstrap or something else. I just wanted to prevent non-frontend developers from creating inline styles and help refocus development on more important matters. In a way I did complete my goal at Coriell Institute and I'm glad I learned what I have.

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