Project: Raft Draft for Data-Steamer

The purpose of this project is to wrap a set of d3js "graphics" and make them easier to create for non-javascript developers. The second reason is to standarize interactions and styles that are acceptable to the site and types of graphs needed. The final result of this project will simple be a wrapper for d3js with well defined graphs that can be marked up with html or with model binding (razor syntax).

P.S. this Project will be located here!

There are currently four types of graphs, a line-chart, side-chart, pie-chart and bar-chart. All are used within a div tag and used as an attribute. Styling is always handled with the css (if it can be helps) and compliant with the css libraries like bootstrap. The coloring is based on a base color scheme provided by 3d but I might also base it on whatever css library is being used. From example bootstrap's primary color but I'm just thinking out load on this.

      <div line-chart></div> or for razor users @Html.DataSteamer.LineChart(Model)

For settings and attaching data to the graphs, users will create the snippet above and mark it will other data-attributes that can be assigned to any type of graphs. No attribute should be unique to anyone graphs but setting values may be and will be noted.
Json Format: [ key: "Example", value: [] or { key, value} or int ]

  • [bar-chart | side-chart | line-chart | pie-chart]
  • data-href
  • data-format
  • data-color
  • etc...

Test will be separated from frontend and middle tier, both are unaware of each other and will only be tested on whether they match in markup.

Types of Graphs:


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