Another look at using Steppers and Menu Wheels

    With a lot of my websites I don't get to thinking about the number of clicks and simplifying the number of clicks is sometimes difficult. So for a large part of my projects its sticking to the old tricks unless I rare opportunity. However playing around cordova and working on my nanodegree for udacity as gotten me to thinking. I like the concept of steppers but they case really fits for predefined, short and simply lists that would otherwise be a dropdown.

A better and more general use would be menu wheel kinda like on a iphone when it its a select list, I'm not a iphone user so I get the simple version on android. Making the experience the same is key so in the past when I was at coriell I got the chance to implement something similar for mobile and desktop users which was successful. I forget what I used but one thing I know is it didn't leverage the mouse wheel. I would have liked to have added that for an enhancement.

Reference: JavaScript Mimics of the iPad's UI (specifically, UIDatePicker and UIPicker)

Another improvement which I came across in my research was reusing carousal. What I like to do if that screen is large enough is display all the items in a grid and as the screen shrinks just fall back to it. I haven't tried this but you might be able to rotate via css3 a carousal and maybe fake the iphone like menu wheel. I might try that in a project and be sure to link it here!

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