Company Logo's by CSS and maybe with Seo support?

   What I want to do is take a company logo and instead of an image to display is by css instead. Then using the favicon of the as the seo image and for backward support on older browser. With css3 animations this would allow me to add more flare to the logo as well as the company name that usually appears inside the logo image. This Separation would give much a lot flexibility as well as quality over an image.

Below is an example of a logo (similar but exact to company logo), and as stated usually a company name is either beside the logo or the company itself is apart of the logo. With internal apps I would reuse this logo but not the company name.

    I haven’t fully tested this on a website buts it’s still just an idea and if it works it could save time retrieving the logo in a single favicon which can still be a png. There is were a fallen can take place, in my example I didn’’t show this but just placing an image behind the css would work. I really like this approach for another reason, if you want to re-incorporate the logo but in a different style/color scheme it’s a simple step. Using a different color that matches a company app’s gives the company a more dynamic look and matches up with its user's who are familiar with the product lines or company but necessary need it to be bashed into their head that they are using that product.

  The more complex the logo the more difficult it will be to create a certain logo in css3 but if need be you could just use an svg or canvas.

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