Can't Join Them, Rebuild Them

For a while now I've changed my thoughts on how I want to move forward in my career. If I can't get a job at the company I want then I'll start making my own. With all the benefits that comes with it and along the way maybe help current and future employers (but its mostly for me). Building large enterprise systems that not only meet the same level of other big name company applications but have a concise and simpler architecture for performance and development . Leaving me with zero question on the implementation.
List of Apps
  • Note - Started
    • Share notes between different accounts on same device or just different accounts.
  • Blog - (based off blogger/orchard recipes extended)
    • better syntax writing, no external system needed.
    • github backup and unit testing for html markup.(maybe link testing with junit)
    • direct api services 
    • better theming and default server values
    • json based recipes rather than xml
  • Analytics - Started
    •  mobile features
    • mobile navbar and css standards
  • Browser - 2029
    • Better documentation for browser apps/extensions
  • Mail - Started
    • fixed height issue
  • Book - starting 2022
  • Drive
    •  pdf book features
  • Calendar - End of 2018
  • Contacts - End of 2018
  • Admin - webmaster combined with service accounts
  • Cloud - 2023
  • Security
  • Git server - done just using gitlab mod, maybe converted to aspnetcore or nodejs
   After looking at other company''s prices and honestly it costs me nothing so everything will be competitive by starting out free for the first few years.

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