Project Base Organization

For ever idea and project that has popped in my head, I created a folder. And for over the past six years I've used this approach with some success. Or maybe I'm bias cause I enjoy using this approach. Either way  I do think I've make some headway especially in the last year. For example mypatco is a folder, mostly filled with android, firebase and gcloud links. For more complex problems where the answer isn't in a link. There's my blog or google docs. From there I have kind of a system where a read me file that explains were I left off. Other files are broken up based on the problems or task I need to achieve. All are referenced in the read me and from there I determine my goals are being meet. 
    More recently I have taken this same approach to a git repo server. Just like any application in a repo things pretty much the same.looking back I guess I was always following a practice kind like waterfall or agile but that was before I knew what they were. Very interesting to see how all of has played out.

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