Bugging Out About Code

Its one battle after another battle and not one you can always win. I've watched good ideas die before they even had a chance but even worse bad ideas take over development. Its a difficult thing to watch. I think the most important things on how to approaching this issue comes down to these points.
  • Encouraging & passinate work environment.
    • people who don't understand will try and want to here.
  • Strong co-worker relationship
    • working alone is nice but teams should come together on certain projects or piceces of code.
  • Clear Objective goals
    • If you can't get support from your team/manager then use deadlines to beat the competition. 
It gets harder at this point to not just complain about things or talk about my experience. Whic think could give some insight. Instead I'll just follow my last point and and the article with this. Passion is never a negative and there's always another problem to be solve so don't burn yourself out.

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