Not just Open Source, but Something a little more

For the most difficult parts of my career I have pushed for open source among my peers. The number one benfit being standardized code, a benefit for everyone involved. I've even drawn  a fine line for everyone I'm come across with to make it simple. If a user can see your code they can take it, so why not improve it with the help of others. Let others improve upon it or poke holes in it. I've also pointed out to nay sayers that it is a good idea not to make your code specific to an application's needs. Aboid sensitive information that can get tangled inside your logic. Separate it, mask and encrypt it do whatever you got to do. As for frontend code in the modern world, its like writting a book. Your core will be read by someone. If it's good enough people will repeat it. Which is what you should want, Just like books some of the pages are unnecessary or fill up the book with more context which can tie it down. Its on that idea why I adopted other people's code more often than my own. Learn from other people's mistakes. 
  So where I'm at now is a step further and where many other developers will get to. If your code is open source and the parts to want to keep are your secret what else is there? Well the last part is how the businesses at play work. To open source a function on how people function with/or around the platform. The main reason for this is to improve the business as a whole but it can't happen at a single company. For example agile if it wasn't an open concept many companies would be doing something else. Probably waterfall my guess. This is all just a theory at the end of the day. As a coder I can only do so much.  

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