Setuping Google Domain with Firebase

    Do you want https without all the cost! I know I do which is why I have converted most of my site to firebase or to azure. However for a lot of my apps I don't intial think they will be big enough for me to justify a high cost starting out. After you have purchased your custom domain, go to firebase hosting and publish the hosting site from the examples provide by firebase. You can create your own or just use the website firebase created. Once the firebase hosting files are uploaded, you should see the dialog to add a custom domain. Run through the process of verifying that you own the domain, and get to set three in the setup process. Step three is the most important part of this process. The recommended way for this is using a cname, however I couldn't get it to work with the cnames.

Instead use "Custom resource records" inside your Google Domain profile, inside there save the old ip address and update them to the new ip address provide by firebase. For the two ip address you will need to combine them in the dropdown for a single record (like in the image). It doesn't matter what order you put them in. 

I also highlighted the verification setup, what you need to watch out for is that you have all the names included in your records. Another thing to note is that this setup will work but firebase will continue to say that the needs to be finished. It's a little annoying to keep seeing this message in firebase but it works and doesn't take very long to set up

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