The Sandbox Methodology

    "Sandbox Methodology" is a term I like to use to describe environments that have zero rules in place against the quick and the dirty practices when it comes to designing an application or implementing one. The term comes from of course sandbox and what most developers are used to with development practices. In a sandbox you have a place where you can experiment with all your work before it faces the harsh world of usability. However in reality, this environment is miss used and becomes a playground for project managers or basically anyone in management to see how far you are in the implementation. Or it’s used to build out requirements, "let the developer figure out what I want to be build playground". Long name, terrible results… You might be familiar with other methodologies but this is one you will definitely regret using.
    It could be said this approach is more of a waterfall methodology and employers will call it Agile. Chances are it’s a horrible mess and covered with crap that both developer and managers don’t know what it’s for.  A lot of people probably have different names but I’m calling it what it really is a sandbox. Nothing is stable and no idea is concrete. Which will lead up to my next article on Top-down development, and the whole reason why I become strong at front-end technology rather than middle-tier.
Developers how can produce results in this type of work environment come out on top but risk the weight of the project falling part if they don’t have enough experience with a particular company’s expectations.
   I think after six months at any company I can build any website if a limited number of questions. “Where this go does and what does this say”, I already know what a button needs to do and where the placement of objects need to be on the screen. So by the end of this six months I’ve already cut cost of time down by half and build pretty much anything a company needs in the UI but why do problems or bugs keep coming up? In my experience the biggest reason is collaboration or lack of it. Most developer are not strong at javascript or don’t rely on it. The other issue is a limit in scalability and technology. Sometimes you inherit an old project that management doesn’t want to move away from. Which leads to new features being hacked to work, because most code isn’t documented and self-aware of open source alternatives.

   So to sum up and make sense of what I’m trying to say. Sandbox methodology is a misuse of the developer’s skills and lack management understand. Or it’s really big problem in the industry for people in control of the project to grab ahold of the right people and all the right questions before setting out to build the project. This could be because of number of reasons.  A lack of conversation it to the developer, whatever the reason is one I know for sure the right skills in to be in the right position to make the necessary decisions for a project’s success.

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