Posts MVC4 - Bundling and Minification

    While this article may be very simple and  straightforward,  there are a few concepts here I think are important to note . In my next article will be looking more in depth on the idea of creating a customized Web.config, but for now with this article, I just want to look at activating the bundling and minification feature by using the xml tags inside a MVC's Web.config. This feature is only available i n ASP.NET 4.5  and above. The First Problem With the following inside your Web.config... (transform is with a Captial T.) And with either of the following inside your build config or customized Web.config (I.E. Web.Release.config) This also can be achieved by doing the following...      In both snippets of code you do not need to use the "xdt:Locator" attribute (used only in cases where there are multiples elements of the same name .   What you may not see is that in the Web.config we have the "location" tag

Updating Razor 2.0 to 3.0 with MVC

    Currently updating an application from MVC 4.0 to MVC 5.0 but before I update MVC I wanted to update the Razor package. Since the MVC package is dependent on the Razor. So this article is about Razor 2 to Razor 3 and the problems I faced. Razor in my opinion Razor 3.0 (details in the link) is an awesome package in my opinion and I shudder to think anyone who writes MVC applications using ASPX. For me the Razor syntax is an effective way to write visually clean code and because of this provide very low maintenance. Issues with Razor Updating from 2.0 to 3.0 As I updated I encounter numerous problem with the Razor package from 2.0 to 3.o and not only did it break my application but destroyed the Intellisense for Razor (mostly for ViewBags). So for my first problem... Inheritance security rules violated by type: 'System.Web.WebPages.Razor.WebPageRazorHost'. Derived types must either match the security accessibility of the base type or be less acces

Checkboxes, Radio and Button Inputs

    The purpose of this post is to think out loud and remind myself the types of inputs available for HTML. Three that I most commonly use are the radio, checkboxes and a input type button (not the button tag). Which are the focus of this article since none of them allow me to achieve what I want. The UI I want:      I want to give my users a place to select from a group of item and only select one item as well as give them the option to deselect that option if they change their mind of selecting that set of group. This is how the input  check-boxes but without the grouping like a radio button. So really combining the two (radio and check-boxes) types of input together. You have the look and feel of a check-box but the logic of a radio and the add logic of unselecting from a check-box. There are other types of inputs/UI's that I did not look at but this was just a starting point for my research.  Radio Button     Here is an  Example  of what a radio button does. As you

Sunyit's Project BITS Documentations

The following is a collection of documents that I created solely for myself and colleagues in order to meet standards for implementing a Hadoop cloud service. That said there is a lot of information that is specific for the systems used and customized to only work for those who were apart the project. The objective for Project "Bits" can be found here in this link . All ip addresses have been marked with x's and urls generalized in order to protect the SunyIT network system. I continue to study the systems used here and release the documents in hope that others might take up the project and implement it at his or her's University/College. Back-Bone of Bits Project This is the server BitsGW which features a vpn connection across multiple colleges. Creating VM’s of BitsHP (hadoop machines) to have a scalable new projects. Also providing a LDAP connection service. BitsGW has the following user: afassett, admin BitsHP: Pxe server for machines b

My First Experience with Jira

JIRA  created by Atlassian  is a Project Planner and issue tracker for any given application. In Jira an issue is just about anything for the project, much like a task in TFS. At the current time I have no experience setting or installing up Jira, this is just my experience using it. I would have to say using Jira is very simple and very straightforward, even if I didn't have experience with TFS. I can not say at this time whether I like TFS more or less than Jira for issue/bug tracking. Resource How to Edit the Resolution of an Issue - JIRA Knowledge Base - Atlassian Documentation Creating an Issue A Issue I faced using Jira I had a problem with the issues that I was closing not showing up as resolved, this might have been because I was not submitting any code or images when closing them. As always I let a comment that it was complete but I felt that it not enough. My theory is that if its like TFS maybe I need to submit with code for the issue to be marked resolved

Win7 Pinned Apps not working for Visual Studio

   While doing a regular cleaning up of things on my computer one day I came across a problem. I did just all the normal stuff, emptying out my download folder, removing unnecessary applications and deleting shortcuts on my desktop. I do this periodically on my machine and at that time I noticed that I had large amount of applications that I was no longer using or in develop for. So I started to unpin and remove them from my list of recent apps. This is where I faced my problem, this is just for Visual Studio. I'm not looking at other programs to see if my solution works. Notes If you remove all your apps you will be left with this...      This is when you have unpinned apps and removed even those that are in the recent section of the available apps. You can not remove apps without first unpinning them. Once removed it does not reappear again and is not available to pin specifically. However when you create a new application this will make all apps removed available again

Chapter Notes. Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3

Introduction Much of the material here is based on the book:  Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 . This is just summary notes that I took from the book and expanded on.  Chapter 1 Purpose of this Chapter: To introduce primary tools needed such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and Blend for Blend for Visual Studio 2012. Notes By knowing these three core technologies you can increase your marketability and give you flexibility to choose the company for which you want to work. A  comparison list  of Visual Studios VS Web allows web projects only (C# or VB) VS Express for Windows 8 only for Windows Store Applications Blend for VS 2012 provides the ability to create window store app. Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8  and V isual Studio Express 2012 for Web  are free. VS contains a new arrange of features and here is a  list . Testing  - Debug mode and  a list of installed browsers . Finding the source of rendered markup - new  Page Inspector