Project Base Organization

For ever idea and project that has popped in my head, I created a folder. And for over the past six years I've used this approach with some success. Or maybe I'm bias cause I enjoy using this approach. Either way  I do think I've make some headway especially in the last year. For example mypatco is a folder, mostly filled with android, firebase and gcloud links. For more complex problems where the answer isn't in a link. There's my blog or google docs. From there I have kind of a system where a read me file that explains were I left off. Other files are broken up based on the problems or task I need to achieve. All are referenced in the read me and from there I determine my goals are being meet.      More recently I have taken this same approach to a git repo server. Just like any application in a repo things pretty much the same.looking back I guess I was always following a practice kind like waterfall or agile but that was before I knew what they were. Very inter

Can't Join Them, Rebuild Them

For a while now I've changed my thoughts on how I want to move forward in my career. If I can't get a job at the company I want then I'll start making my own. With all the benefits that comes with it and along the way maybe help current and future employers (but its mostly for me). Building large enterprise systems that not only meet the same level of other big name company applications but have a concise and simpler architecture for performance and development . Leaving me with zero question on the implementation. List of Apps Note - Started Share notes between different accounts on same device or just different accounts. Blog - (based off blogger/orchard recipes extended) better syntax writing, no external system needed. github backup and unit testing for html markup.(maybe link testing with junit) direct api services  better theming and default server values json based recipes rather than xml Analytics - Started  mobile features mobile navbar and

Eye Tracking Project Notes

One of the main reasons I bought a 3d printer was to explore the idea of creating a headset with a medium to low end camera attached to it.  With a enough luck create a device that would work by tracking the eye. At the moment I'm putting this project on hold but I want to look at these resources later. Open Source Projects Eye Tracking pupil-labs/pupil: Open source eye tracking PyGaze | Open source eye-tracking software and more. OGAMA (OpenGazeAndMouseAnalyzer) Devices and Alternatives

Angular: Custom Value Checkbox

Sometimes the dba won't change a field's datatype in the database which why handle all my databases now days. Just some quick notes for handling custom values to send back to the database for a form post. Using angular 1.5... <input type = "checkbox" ng-model = "item.selected" ng-true-value = "'TRUE'" ng-false-value = "'FALSE'" />  - " add quotations because it's an angularjs expression and it also needs to be a constant"  Resources Angular view not updating when checkbox clicked Passing dynamic value with single quote as a ng-true-value expression fails

Don't Prompt for Permissions without the User's Direct Interaction

For all the applications out there! Stop pushing for permissions and stop probing for information without reason. Regardless of your necessity for a feature a user is the right for not installing or using an app without clear intent. Action from the user are a direct link from the developer to the client for clear reason and intent on why they need permissions. I see this now and again with website using geo-location and never giving a reason on why the need the permissions but sure enough its the first prompt I get on their site...  This why I really like the recent changes with android its a little annoying for coding but the information needed for the user on why you need some information is clear. I always have to fight with project managers on whats initiate and I can be more direct on why I need something than from what you are asking me to do. There is still room for error (security issues) with a client if they still don't trust an application which I always say they can j

VS 2015 - The Operation Could not be Completed Invalid Pointer

This bug appears to happen in both visual studio 2015 and 2010 but I've only run into it for 2015. I'm not sure what I did to cause this other maybe moving around projects. I don't think that was the cause but I do sometimes delete the appdata folder. My solution for this bug is simple delete the AppData folder again (hahah).   I found from other sites that is the  ComponentModelCache folder  specifically that you want to delete. It goes without saying close all visual studio windows before doing this.   Folder Under: C:\Users\{YourUsername}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\ ComponentModelCache

User-Agent Styled Web Applications

   This idea came from awhile back when I was working on my project rustkickers. The purpose of the site is to provide documentation on all things motor related. While working on a demo for the site used a old car manual to create some of the designs. That goes me thinking why not make multiple site designs around different car manufactures. Then even further down the rabbit I landed here, which is what this article. Another thought but a cool one I think and yes I know you can't trust the user-agent but it doesn't matter its just the style not the content.  Intial Solution Optimizing content for different browsers Filter based on webkit Chrome conditional comments Is there any equivalent to IE conditional comment for chrome and safari? IE10 CSS Hacks load webfonts through the offline storage cache manifest After playing around with this idea for awhile I figured handling this is the frontend at all was not worth it because of performance. Unless your looking