LPI Certification Material

    At one time I really wanted to take the LPI certification but I feel my experience speaks for itself. However I do want to cover the material and refresh myself on some of the stuff that I don't use on a regular basis. I bolded the commands I use the least and reworded the description a little more to my liking. Most of the information is just examples I found and stuff I think would be covered.

  • declare - Use the declare command to set variable and functions attributes.
  • quota - displays users' disk usage and limits. By default only the user quotas are printed.
  • date  - display or set the time.
  • rpm - package manager. (I prefer debian)
  • xvidtune - tweaks the screen resolution.
  • nl - prints line numbers before each line in a file.
  • od  - dumps files in octal format.
  • su - option m is pretty useful, do not reset environment variables.
  • mkfs - “used to build a Linux file system on a device, usually a hard disk partition.”
  • XF86Config -the section concerned with fonts: The Files sections
  • XFree86 -config file is: /etc/X11/XF86Config
  • sed - edits the stream by filtering and transforming text.
  • dpkg - need to know difference from a --remove and the --purge action
  • tar, gzip, gunzip - just need to know all of these.
  • kbdmap - allows for setting key maps, used with command vidfont.
  • kill - kills a process!
  • mkdir - this should be very oblivious but it makes directories. where's touch makes files.
  • whereis - locates files by name, strips leading paths and single form extensions. Not ".min.js"
  • lsattr - list attributes on a file system, description of attributes at chattr.
  • make - a utility to maintain other programs.
  • xset - sets user preference to the x window utility.
  • alien - will convert rpm files to .deb packages.
  • xauth - edits authorizations information for x window utility.
  • proc - process information pseudo file system, mostly read only.

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