Project: DuckSauce Notes Part IIII

     A lot of this article not going to make sense to people because it relates to my thoughts as I wrote them down and what I researched or tried to understand. Some of it is wrong, and looking back probably could have approached somethings better but that's just a natural way of learning. Also a lot of my notes are going to appear as if I'm going in circles (or that's just how I see it). Previous articles can be found here.

Day 1- 10/2/14
    I started looking at the
 chrome.devtools.panels.openResource, by resources I think the docs means a web page's resources not the devtool's resources (something that work-spaces might have access to). The next part, "Requests DevTools to open a URL in a Developer Tools panel." 
"The real power of Work-spaces lies in being able to map a local file to a URL (or “Network Resource”). Whenever Chrome loads the mapped URL, it displays the work-space folder contents in place of the network folder contents. It’s as if it’s being served on the web, but you can modify it with DevTools and save the changes persistently to the local file."  If that's the case I could really just map the files and use the url in place, and then have the listener do my cleanup after a change (explained later why I might not want this). I can test this with a local app and have it mapped to my machine the example above will prove this. Proved this to be true...I might be thinking it all wrong as just having the location of my resources is not enough, I know where but not when or how to permanently edit them. 

Day 2- 10/12/14
    With the autosave feature, what if I modified an open resource then copied the same process of autosave. The user would still be using the same access points and permissions with Workspaces. I just need to understand "autosave" and then attach it to my projects. 
Reloading the Page....onResourceContentCommitted -Fired when a new revision of the resource is committed (e.g. user saves an edited version of the resource in the Developer Tools). 

Day 3 - 11/10/14
   Current version of Ducksauce plus with what I had in grunt-workspaces combines has some of the features that I am trying to achieve. Minus the dependency of using nodejs. 

If openResource opens the resources in a new tab that might prove useful for when you need to view the less or final version of a web app.

Resources  - for Chrome OS only
using JavaScript with Google Drive - Stack Overflow - If I couldn't do it with workspaces directly there's still Gdrive. - agreed.
chrome extension API for refreshing the page - Stack Overflow - Not what I'm looking for, but important to see the different with ducksauce's version.

Similar Projects - Requires NPAPI - isn't using workspaces the way I'm trying to achieve.

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