Bootstrap Typeahead/Autocomplete

    This UI feature goes by many names and whatever you call it is currently no included in the bootstrap project as of 3.1.1 but that might change in later versions. No all hope is lost, actually had found multiple alternatives to import this feature with no dependencies! My biggest concern I had at the start of my research for this feature was that I would have to include Jquery UI which as Autocomplete. Not that there is anything wrong with Jquery UI but I try to avoid adding too many third party styles into my applications. I also try to leverage the css files that I do have as much as possible. So below is two solutions that I am very comfortable with using and strongly suggest.

Typeahead/Autocomplete Projects - Another approach which I have used.

jquery - Where is the typeahead javascript module in bootstrap 3 RC 1? - Stack Overflow
Install typeahead in Bootstrap 3, fix css overlay bug and width 100%


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