Javascript Focus event on IPad

    This article goes in hand with one of my jquery plugins that I am creating. The purpose of my plugin is to store data items into a table. I'm not perceptually interested in writing out Sql so creating a plugin that can hand a database from a UI perspective is rather important to me. I know there are a few plugins out there that could achieve what I want but I wanted to take up the task as a learning experience. Either way that just some background information about this article, what this article is really about is a request that was given to me for my plugin that I could not directly met. The users wanted to have the Ipad auto focus on an input when a device returned some input via bluetooth. However because of how the Ipad's interfaced with input this was not allowed.

My Solution
There was a comment in one of the links that provided a possible solution but I think it was too much of a hack and didn't want to go down that road for such a small piece of functionality. Especially since it was only the Ipad with this behavior. So instead what I did was create a dialog/popup that allowed users to plug input all at once and separated it based on the end character return from the device.

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