Penguins Rising: Game Blotting

    This week I took a good look at the repository history for Penguins Rising and I was surprised to see that this project started on, June 4th of last year. I suspect that I probably spent more time developing a strategy more than executing my code. That doesn't mean I didn't have a clear idea what I need to do but just that I was adding too many additional pieces.  Ironically this problem was actually the reason why I started working on the project. With my other projects creating a strong baseline for games can be extremely difficult. Sitting down and hammering out ideas that sound good in theory vs. a realistic approach can be seem impossible for me without writing some code So like my other project I found myself constantly wanting to add my own twist to Penguins Rising and diverged from the baseline of the original game.

Seeing this has made me hold off on many of my projects until I have completely written AND settled on the ideas that go on behind the game. Also with some of my research I plan to hold off on some of my projects that I feel are more suited for a team rather than a one man army. So I had limited my scope to what I believe can achieve as a single developer.

My thoughts for some of my upcoming projects are projects that will take between 4 to 6 months at a time, with little artwork and little need for support.

2. Do not start with a complex idea - My focus 

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