Project: DuckSauce Notes Part II

Working on the second part of my project... I now need to automate bootstrap builds and compare the bootstrap's unmodified version of bootstrap to the new styles that I have added or modified on the bootstrap compiled css. From there DuckSauce should separate the style changes and place them in a .less file and recompile, which will then override or append the proper styles.

Day 3

Managing module dependencies - How To Node - NodeJS
package.json - More reading...
Getting started - Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner - Docs, docs and more docs
Moving from CodeKit to Grunt Watch + LiveReload for Real-time Compilation - Lots of help

Day 4

gruntjs/grunt-contrib-watch - This is the direction I am heading now!
No compatible version found: chalk@'0.4.0'  - Helping myself.

This week had to cut my research a little short but I feel I am really close to a solution with little effect on my part since a lot what I need is already built and simply needs to be configured to my preferences. 

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