Project: DuckSauce Notes

What is Ducksauce
    Ducksauce is a small pet project I am working on to make everyday work easier with css and javascript cleanups. The hope is to automate those cleanups in controllable way I see fit, and to also make my code more scalable with third party libraries.

Listen to CSS changes and separate them into a .less file.

Features (Just for starters focusing on css cleanups)
  • Console system to attach files/directories.
  • Listen to CSS files
  • Remove changes and separate into a less file.
  • Compile new less files with Unmodified Third party styles (Overridering the css results)
  • Log changes.
  • Refresh page to see the changes? I would like this but it might get annoying.
Day 1

Challenges: Listening to file, watch changes, find what those changes are.
Issues: No issues.

Day 2

Challenges: Load Html, Open Html and display it
Issues: Travis-ci wasn't liking the location/path name, and nodes.js 0.6 not doesn't know that fs.exist is. I've removed nodes.js 0.6 from my tests.

It has been a few dates since I started writing taking my notes but  I found a faster solution by adapting the grunt-contrib-watch in to my project.

Other Resources
4 Ways to Auto-Refresh your Browser when Designing new Sites - Tuts+ Code Tutorial - For later use!
Validate your .travis.yml file- useful for travis-ci

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