Project: DuckSauce Notes Part 5

     I've been secretly working on this project again (of course there's my game I am still working). However I wanted to take a step back and look at what this project has done for me. The biggest thing is that it has done is get me to question my work follow and think about how to improve it. This project must create files create templates clean up code build manual. New Approach     Working with the chrome work-space has its limits and it appears there is a method to set the contents of a particular however it is not implemented and is filed as a bug. This is a long outstanding bug so chances are slim. The guts Reference Resources http://stackoverfl

Make d3js Responsive

    This is probably the most popular quesition I see and is somewhat my main concern as far as things go with one of my projects. Now this isn't a perfect solution but its doesn't depend on jquery or anything else. So it keeps things in the d3js scope which is really what I want since I don't always include jquery in all of my projects. function resize() { //Top Nav has a bottom padding for 50px's width = window.innerWidth, height = window.innerHeight; svg.attr("width", width).attr("height", height); force.size([width, height]).resume(); } window.addEventListener('resize', resize()); var svg ="body").append("svg") //.attr("viewBox", "0 0 " + width + " " + height) //.attr("preserveAspectRatio", "xMidYMid meet"); Secret project I'm working on...      I didn't include the comments in my proje

Chrome App: Can't Open app within a tab

    Currently using chrome 43 so this issue currently does exist but also is an very old one from the looks of it. It might seems silly to create an chrome app that simple opens up a link in a new tab but I thought it was so basic for my personally needs that it wouldn't be a problem. Plus I didn't plan on releasing most of the custom apps I created, simple just wanted to clean up some bookmarks and make them feel more like apps. There's also the possiblity to leverage them to be offline but that's outside the scope. What I've tried " in", chrome.tabs.create ( this is only for extentions but worth a shot ) Common issue seen     With the current bit of code I have thisn't what I see (image above) anymore but instead the tab just closes and nothing happens... Alternative solution    One of the basic ways around this is drag and drop a url in the chrome app panel, but I really don't like this

Notes: Creating an Automated Testing Framework W/ Selenium

     Recently finished watching all the videos on Selenium on automated testing and looking forward adding this framework to all my web applications tests. The rest of my knowledge can be found on the  Login-Automation  project ( I took the example and created it around google's login instead of the wordpress example show ). Types of Testing Unit Testing At the code level, code first! Such as "Mocking" or D.I. Integration Testing No need for mocking but still code. Black-box Automate Testing (BAT) Testing in a scope from a user  Regression - "worked yesterday" Absolute Requirements! Leverage Common failures Recorded brittle tests - weakly attached and simple changes break the tests, manual fixes. Not Building A Framework - Start out good, but end up the same problem. Writing Test like Code - Passed off to not programmers and slow degrade. Solution      Separate automation framework and simple tests. Test drive creation of

AngularJS: ng-model cannot be assigned to functions

    This was one of the errors I faced when I started out with Angularjs, and the problem comes from thinking like Jquery developer still. I still use Jquery heavly in a few of my personal projects but have been avoiding this issue complete since. Common error : nonassign Non-Assignable Expression Feedback from users about pics in my blog. Solutions     One approach is to use directives to solve the issue and another is to use ng-init from what I've seen but I prefer using directives instead. / - an example using ng-init (n ot by me) . Resources AngularJS - ngModel cannot be assigned to function - Stack Overflow

Project: Aptitude-Words Update 1.2.5

       Recently returned to my chrome extension because I had some features I wanted to see and needed improving. I like to pretend I'm the only person who really uses this extension because I really don't know who my users are or what they would like to see but I'm open to suggestions. There is stats for the extension on weekly users but I don't think much of it. You will need to re-enable with this update since I added Google Analytics but not using it yet. Features ( Live now!) Trash button (rather than click checkbox) Donation button (I'm doing this with all my free apps) This is a one time purchase in the app, I'm looking to get rich. Redrawing words after delete. In the Future  New Logo (working on the art with a material design look). Google Analytics (I'm curious to know what popular words ppl are captured.) Page to display - word of the day, logic to prevent bad words from showing so dont try it... Reordering words - Just a r

Aspnet: legacyHMACWarning

    Stumbled across this bad boy in the webconfig in an old project and was curious what it's purpose was. Since the comments didn't really help and I spent some time on to uncover its secrets. "This prevents the Windows Event Log from logging the  HMAC 1 that is being used (when  the other party needs it).When targeting ASP.NET MVC 3, this assemblyBinding makes MVC 1 and 2 references relink to MVC 3 so libraries such as DotNetOpenAuth that compile against MVC1." T he comments don't really help, in fact only rises more quesitions. Why is the DontNetOpenAuth ever compiling against MVC1? DotNetOpenAuth with MVC 4.0  - " Yes, DNOA is built against MVC 1.0, and this is by design so that it works against all versions of MVC (given the appropriate redirects). This is purely an MVC version thing -- not a .NET 4.0 thing" Resources HMACSHA512 Class (System.Security.Cryptography)